MMA Soap is the ultimate soap, specifically made for serious MMA athletes and others training in BJJ (jiu jitsu), wrestlers and other full contact sports.

In MMA (and other contact sports) skin-to-skin contact is simply unavoidable and most skin infections are contagious, even a small rash should not be overlooked. Studies have revealed that the occurrence of skin infection is more prominent among MMA athletes.  A small cut or wound can create a pathway for bacteria’s and viruses to get in and cause more damage and bring on diseases that would be otherwise avoidable.  As a precautionary measure we, recommend using MMA Soap daily and especially after each workout.

Unlike other soaps containing harsh chemicals, we use natural therapeutic grade oils to to provide an effective product to wash away common funk.

Learn more about how our natural ingredients perform against staph, ringworm, jock itch, athletes foot, impetigo, and odor. – Click here

Ready to fight gym funk?

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